Jonathan Riffey MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CCS
Riffey Assessments and Counseling, PLLC

I’ve been a Counselor working as a contractor in the addictions field since 2012, a  Licensed Clinical Social Worker and mental health therapist since 2016, and worked with thousands of clients and patients in hospitals, psychiatric units, Emergency Departments, and medical floors, as well as inpatient outpatient substance use mental health facilities since then.

I started my own therapy and counseling business as an individual practitioner in 2019 and have enjoyed that aspect of my ability to reach people where they are in person and via telehealth.

It wasn’t until I was fortunate enough to be connected with Virtual Assistance by Jenny a few months ago, that I really feel I began to gain traction with moving my business in the direction where I had wanted and had intended for it to go many years ago.

The progress that I’ve been able to make just “by leaving the details to Jenny”  has been amazing, and has allowed me to spend more time attending trainings, honing my craft, and being fully present, both mentally and physically for my clients instead of exhausted from trying to, “hold the business end” of this agency together, will try to simultaneously be the counselor and therapist my clients needed me to be.

My client’s questions are answered, their paperwork is taken care of, and the insurance details or all smoothed out by the time the client comes to me for the initial intake. 

Not only am I able to spend more time with my wife and children, I’m able to be more consistently and  fully present for them by being able to leave my phone off and my heart open, so my wife and kids have all of me, and I have the peace and serenity of knowing that Jenny has the business end of caring for people under control and ensure that I am able to prioritize family when I’m at the park or playground and that I can focus wholly on my clients and their mental health needs when I am sitting down with them.

From my family and from myself, “Thank you, Jenny!”